Minimum Wage, Prices Don’t Need to Go Up

I’m a writer and independent scholar, so I don’t think I’ve ever managed to average minimum wage.  However, I love my work and don’t need to pay for clothes or transportation.  On the other hand, there are a lot of people who work at jobs I could never manage to do, like fast food cooking or home health care or waiting tables.  These people often get less that $8.00 an hour.  Out of that they have to pay taxes and Social Security. 

Now, the argument is that if these people were paid $15.00 an hour, prices would have to go up.  That seemed to me to be a knee-jerk argument.  Management’s first impulse is to pass the cost along.  However, I propose another solution, which I shall submit when I’m elected to the Senate.

A modicum of research led me to the fact that the CEO of McDonald’s makes $9700.00 an hour — that’s not including the private jets or stock options.  Now, if he and the other CEOs took a pay cut of say, $3000.00 an hour, think of all the people who could get a raise!  Does anyone need to make more than $6700.00 an hour?  I could live quite nicely on that.

Here is a recent list of the disparity between CEOs and the work force.  Think about it the next time you shop.

And, if you don’t want to write my name on your ballot, at least get out and vote!



Worse than the Food

This is a recent story from a friend whose mother is in a place in upstate NY. I suspect that there is another side to the story but too much of it sounds familiar. I was in the hospital longer than I needed to be because Medicare wouldn’t cover rehab unless I’d been hospitalized for three days.


“Re. her rehab it’s been a catastrophe: 1. the hospital tossed her out after 5 days (after major cancer and removal of leg from the hip down), because insurance didn’t want to cough up more. 2. she ends up in rehab well before she should have been beginning exercise… but because of Medicare strictures, they began forcing her to exercise, and sit on chairs, even with giant metal staples stuck in her which were pushed about. I had to get one of the surgeons to call the facility and ask them to stop but because of Medicare they had to “prove” she was “rehabbing”…. 3. we got her to the nursing home and I was excited because their website advertises a “therapy pool” and I felt that water therapy was probably the only way my mother could keep up her strength, and they agreed but, once we signed on, we were told she could not use the pool… because they had “no way” to get her into the water, insisting that wheelchair bound people needed special cranes to get her in. So she doesn’t have any options other than drugging herself up and waiting to vegetate.”


It’s not just Medicare that’s the problem, I feel, but that too many of these places are for profit and cut as many corners as possible. How can there be a pool at a nursing home without a crane? Our YMCA has two.  Isn’t it odd that both nursing homes and prisons are now run to make money?  Is there a connection?


When I’m elected, I will fight for fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread and sugar-free desserts. And an ombudsman assigned to every patient.


And, of course, soup spoons!